Meet Anne

I have just been offered a role as a Senior Project coordinator/Comms Team Lead. The funniest part is .. I was offered the role of a Senior project coordinator first, but was called back and told they want to interview me for a more senior role as they believe I fit into a more senior role, where I will be managing 5 people with higher pay ooo???

I joined Tritek in Jan 2019 ,  I was made PM of project Axis , we had a tough start in our team , but all that helped me during my interview process.when asked how to deal with difficult stakeholders .???.

I want to Thank my Deputy PM. Tokunbo.. I have a friend and big sis in you.

Thanks to Anita for your help… I apperciate you, and Mama hawk, thanks for checking on me , I believe you saw something in me i didn’t even see in myself.

This is more than possible …I came from a care background with no knowledge of project management whatsoever.

I can’t thank God enough for changing my story and turning my life around .

Please make use of LMS I had to re-subscribe due to the richness of that platform, I still have a lot to learn.

I tell my team mate there are roles out there “how bad do you want it”. Forget the excuses and put in the effort . It will pay off in the end .

Best Regards.