Meet Mark

My name is Mark Ighodalo. I joined Tritek in March 2019, after my friend Peter Adesoga mentioned the company’s excellent services. My background was in the financial industry as mortgage adviser with no project management experience.

I was the PMO in project Mavin and I also joined Project Xcite reunion event.

Under the tutelage of Mama Hawk leadership, tutors, mentors, project leaders and my team members in both projects.

I was able to secure my 1st project management role in August 2019 as a project coordinator/ PMO lead with Kingfisher.

My experience gained in the role enlightened me to other job possibilities available in the industry such as Project Planner.

I watched repeatedly Bane’s LMS videos on Ms project and other videos and I practiced on the softwares

By God’s grace, I was able to secure a position as a project planner/ scheduler with a defence supplier.

My love to Mama Hawk, my project managers: Ati, Buki and Clothida, members of project mavin and project Xcite.

Please do not give up, participate actively in your projects because it will help you  in your competency based job interviews, read more extensively (Google it) have a passionate  desire to understand the terms you are not familiar with, watch your LMS video as if your life depends on it. It will help in securing your dream job. The sky is your limit.