Meet Naima

I joined Tritek on 15th of June 2019 after a  colleague of mine recommended Tritek. I spoke to Adeshola and she booked me in. I was very anxious to find out if it was the best fit for me but after listening to Adeshola and the wonderful Sage I was sold to join and make a change in my life and career. I was going through redundancy and the prospect of losing my job as change analyst in the only organisation I ever knew since leaving university 11 years ago. I was placed in project fixers with alot of wonderful people whom I enjoyed working with and learned a great from.

After our project came to an end of September my life also changed as I was now officially out of work. I decided to go away and see family in America but while I was on holiday I continued using LMS and tried to get a mentor from Mama Hawk and the team. Even made an attempt with my CV and Adeshola was patient and firm in giving reality check on what was missing in it.

I came back from my holiday and was placed in Terry Mentorship team who supported me in overcoming my fears and with his constant weekly check ins. I attended CV workshop with Mama Hawk who was extremely helpful end of November.

It’s been a long journey. I have several interviews that I was not successful but I didn’t give up. I had my interview and was told on the next day the job was mine and will be started as a BA in a new startup firm walking distant from my house. God has been great and rewarded me after several times where I just wanted to give up and apply for other roles other than BA but I continue the fight and he hasn’t given up on me.

Stay strong and never shy away from asking for help from both your peers in your project, Tritek team. I pray that you will also write your success stories in 2020.